Adam Klenk is an owner at The Goodyear House.  Although Adam lives in Nashville, his appreciation for the city of Charlotte and NoDa is deep rooted, having been cultivated over the many years traveling to visit his brother.  Like any true Midwesterner, the thought of a local, dog friendly hangout – a place to make new friends and build on the foundations of those which already exist made perfect sense.

Adam’s career began at one of the world’s foremost construction and engineering companies, the Bechtel Group. After years of working on truly record breaking and life changing projects around the world, Adam relocated to Nashville to settle down and open the office for Capstone Apartment Partners, a multi-family sales brokerage based out of Charlotte. For Adam, spare time is never the same – he is a licensed pilot, a serial runner, ultra-runner, Boston marathon finisher, avid mountaineer, has worked with NASCAR pit crews and spent summers working on fishing boats in the Bearing Sea. He is a patented inventor and has recently found enjoyment with achievements such as marathoning across frozen lakes in Siberia to sailboat racing across the Indian Ocean.  Last but certainly not least, time spent with his family and friends is his favorite pastime.